Are You At Risk for Lung Disease? Free Lung Health Evaluation for Eligible Volunteers

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a lung disease caused mainly by cigarette smoking. Symptoms include trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing up mucus and chest infections.

If you are a smoker and/or are having trouble breathing, you may be eligible for our research study.

Visits and Compensation:

$50 for completing initial medical exam if eligible

$200 for completing bronchoscopy if eligible


Call the Department of Genetic Medicine for more information: 646-962-2672


IRB Approved Protocol # 0005004440


Seeking Non-Smokers for Research Study

Research Study

Seeking healthy non-smokers 18 years or older. Participants will be part of a study looking for precursors to lung disease in Weill Cornell Medical College. Offering $50 compensation for completing a screening consisting of a physical exam, Electrocardiogram (EKG), blood, urine tests, breathing test and chest x-ray, and if eligible $200 for completing a bronchoscopy.

Please call Malesa at 646-962-2672

Become Involved in Our Asthma Research! Volunteer for Our Asthma Research Study

If you think you may have asthma, would you like a free lung evaluation to find out?

The Department of Genetic Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College is looking for asthmatic volunteers (ages 18+) for a research study looking at the effects asthma may have on the lung cells.

If you qualify and complete all tests and visits, you will receive:

1.  A free lung health and medical evaluation (includes physical exam, electrocardiogram (EKG), blood and urine tests, breathing test, questionnaires, chest X-ray and a bronchoscopy procedure)

2.  Free allergy testing for grass pollen, cat, dog, trees, molds and mites

3.  $300 compensation if you qualify and complete all tests and visits

Visits and compensation include:

Screening visit: $50

Initial study visit including bronchoscopy: $200

Blood draw 2 days after bronchoscopy: $50

Please call the Department of Genetic Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College for more information about the study: 646-962-2672

IRB approved protocol #0005004440

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