$1,800 Paid Research Study-Seeking Smokers and Non-Smokers in NYC

The Department of Genetic Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College is seeking smokers, ages 18+, to participate in a research study. Participants will be part of a study looking at the effects of smoking on lung disease.

If you qualify and complete all tests and visits, you will receive 4 free lung health exams and $1,800.00 in compensation.

The study will follow you over 12 months and consist of 9 study visits:

4 lung health exams (including physical exam, electrocardiogram (EKG), blood and urine tests, chest x-ray and a breathing test) and bronchoscopy procedures lasting 3-4 hours each and 5 visits to provide routine blood and urine tests lasting 30 minutes each.


Initial screening: $50

Initial bronchoscopy: $200

Month 3 exam and bronchoscopy: $350

Month 6 exam and bronchoscopy: $350

Month 12 exam and bronchoscopy: $350

Study completion bonus: $500

For more information, please call Mylene at 646-962-2672

IRB Approved Protocol #0905010391

IRB Approval Date: 12/1/09

Expires: 8/9/10

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